Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Why Coops and not Capitalism?

In my last posting, I wondered why all the Parties, even and especially the Tories, are suddenly promoting coops. Maybe its because BigCapital has gone somewhere else, into international speculation, and left us to play with the remains of the machines (private businesses) it formerly used to generate wealth for itself.

Here's an extract from The Workers Paradise Feb 23 2010
The Cleveland Model is a worker cooperative development project to set up worker owned businesses providing local needs in Rust Belt cities in the USA.

"The Cleveland Model is a significant development given the devastation wrought by capital abandonment, not just in Cleveland, but all throughout the Rust Belt. Capital abandoned the inner city in favor of the suburbs. Capital abandoned the north in favor of the Right To Work south and west. And when the imposition of neo liberalism in developing nations allowed capital to sidestep local labor and environmental laws and regulations, capital abandoned the United States."

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