Sunday, 21 March 2010

welcome to my blog

hi, i'm very active in the wonderful world of cooperatives and i want to share my experiences so i have started a blog. i hope you find it interesting.

and i hope you will share your cooperative experiences with me.

why am i so enthusiatic about cooperatives and cooperation as a way of humans living together?
because , unless we learn to cooperate we are in for a very nasty future, or our children are.

we have exploited all the the available land, we have run out of fossil fuels, we are running out of water. multinational corporations have become 'suicide capitalism'. we have reached the Pacific, there is no more Wild West to ravish and throw aside. we have to learn how to live on finite land with finite natural resources without resorting to horrible violence, as we have done so many times before.

but there is enough food to feed us all. and enough water and energy and all the other basics of life. if we learn to cooperate and share together. by we, i mean the human race. you, me everybody.

so this isn't a trivial twittering blog. it will contain lots of positive news and information because i am optimistic. i see lots of signs that humans are beginning to build a global village where we care enough about each other to cooperate.

hundreds of millions of us already do. 1/5th of the worlds population are members of at least one coop. more people earn their living in a coop than work for all the multinationals. most of these people live in the developing countries and dont have much economic or political power.

us in the industrialised states have not needed coops for a long time, since our great and great great grandparents got together to buy clean food through coops. because it was 'cooperate or starve'. in the 21st century we are realising that our economic power is waning and unless we want to go back to the grinding poverty experienced by those ancestors, we had better start working together again.

and lots of us are starting to do just that. a new wave of cooperation in the west.

ok see you again soon

bob cannell

suma workers cooperative uk
cooperatives uk
cecop - the european confederation for worker and social cooperatives
cicopa - the world confederation for worker cooperatives

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