Tuesday, 18 May 2010

worker coops beat the credit crisis

Statistical assessment and surveys show that worker coops have been more resilient than conventional enterprises in withstanding the economic crisis.
Social services did better than manufacture & construction
Worker coops used flexibility and innovation to better overcome the crisis. better than conventional enterprises.
Worker coops had better reserves and less dependent on external finance than conventional enterprises.
Led to better sustainability of employment in worker coops.
The worker coops that failed were already in trouble. Few healthy worker coops failed.

More evidence that worker cooperative is a better model of organisation for SMEs. Over to you David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Vince Cable. Will you promote worker cooperative as the number one SME model?


  1. Very interesting statistics Bob where did you find this info?

  2. they are the results of the 2010 CECOP survey of members, an annual survey of worker coops in europe.
    not an academic standard of quality but reliable.